WrennWood® Superior Pine Flooring and Paneling

All WrennWood® Superior Pine Flooring are tongue-and-groove products.
Finishes: Unfinished or Prefinished (Natural or Butterscotch)
Grades: Traditional Knotty Character or Standard C+BTR Clear
Sizes: Range from 1x4 to 1x10 inches
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Featuring a 25-year Warranty

About WrennWood® Prefinished Flooring

It’s Your Home. Your Investment. And Your Life.
Why should you select WrennWood® Prefinished Flooring? Because it’s your home, a place where you want to be comfortable living and a create as a showcase for family and friends. It’s your investment, one you want to protect for years and generations to come. And it’s your life. By avoiding the time, money and aggravation needed to have unfinished flooring installed and finished by a professional, you can enjoy your new home right away and get on with what really matters.

Beauty and Durability
Not only is WrennWood® Prefinished Flooring beautiful, but it’s designed to be durable. Our prefinishing process applies seven coats of ceramic urethane and dries that finish with ultraviolet light to provide extra resilience. The result is an attractive, consistent and tougher finish than on-site finishing can provide. All with less labor. All with no sanding — or the dust, debris and toxic fumes that come with onsite finishing. It’s faster and easier: Just nail your prefinished flooring in place and it’s done!

Confidence and Peace of Mind
When you purchase WrennWood® Prefinished Flooring, you can have confidence and peace of mind right away, because our prefinished flooring comes with a 25-year warranty that covers damage from normal use. Contact us for details about the warranty!