Enjoy the Beauty and Durability of Superior Pine Flooring and Paneling.

Nothing quite combines the beauty of nature with steadfast permanence like WrennWood®. Whether you prefer the traditional knotty pine look or a clearer grade, we can help you bring the great outdoors right into your living space.

We begin with top-quality Southern Yellow Pine, the hardest variety of softwood available anywhere, and dry it carefully in a state-of-the-art kiln. Then, we mill the pine, so it has that comforting natural appearance and can be installed easily. Your result is a beautiful pine interior for your home that's easy to install and stands the test of time.

The Southern Yellow Pine from WrennWood® was much prettier than that offered in Washington. After talking with the people from WrennWood in North Carolina we decided to use their pine and have it shipped to our state.
— Shelly Z. | Lynden, Washington

All At an Affordable Price.

There’s more good news. Buying direct allows you to enjoy WrennWood® superior flooring and paneling for years to come without straining your budget! Contact us for free samples and when you're ready to buy, we’ll give you a price quote over the phone or via e-mail — then deliver your order directly to your home.